What if you ran out of fuel in SPACE?!

The entire space crew was equipped with faulty fuel tanks and guess what has happened to them! 

It's your mission to find them and lead them to safety! 

Use arrow keys to boost your astronaut. Keep an eye on your fuel meter - if you run out of fuel you heat up while boosting

Explore the galaxy, find and save all lost astronauts. 

Use F10 and F11 to adjust the sound volume. 



- Fixed collision bug with astronauts and space station.

- Fixed reversed audio channel bug. 

- Fixed spelling errors. 

Install instructions

Download and unzip. Launch .exe file and enjoy. 


Derpspace v. 62 MB
Derpspace v. 62 MB


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Nicely done! The derpy graphics pulled me in and then there's a really nice Lunar Lander x Space War in here.  Nice feel. 

Thanks! I'm glad you've enjoyed it! :) 


Great little game :)


Thanks @chrissx2 ! Glad you enjoyed it!